Proposed Committee Topics and Constitution & Ritual Changes


With the 2017 National Convention approaching, it is time for us as a National Chapter to evaluate our policies and practices, and look for means of improvement. Toward that goal, the National Council invites you to submit your recommended changes to the National Constitution for review. All recommendations must reference the appropriate article and section of the 2015 revision of the National Constitution.

The 2017 National Convention also marks the end of the ten-year moratorium on revisions to our ritual. With that in mind, we also invite you to submit recommendations for changes to the ritual and ceremonies of the fraternity for consideration. All recommendations must reference the appropriate section of the current ritual (2007 revision).

The Student Advisory Committee is mandated by the National Constitution to meet and discuss matters pertaining to the National Convention and National Chapter, as well as, serving for a forum for anything pertinent to be discussed that is not being done so elsewhere. Per this mandate, we are requesting our active membership submit topics and ideas to be considered for discussion when the committee convenes in-person at National Convention this summer. The committee is made up of all current district officers and chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

All submissions must be submitted no later that June 1, 2017.